Congratulations to Argentina for winning the soccer world championship 2022! Obviously, the rest of the world is now keen to buy its salt from the world champion. What are the chances, your next salt shipment could come from Argentina? 

The country has 15 production sites with a total capacity of almost 3 million tons. Essentially all salt is produced from salt lakes. Some of these lakes, i.e., Salar del Hombre Muerto, or Salar del Rincon have gained attention in recent years, because of the lithium that is also produced from these lakes. 

Salinas Grandes, Jujuy Province, Argentina.

However, the main product is salt, and there are many more salt lakes in the country from which salt is being produced. Argentina produces and consumes about 1.8 million million tons of salt annually. 1 million tons of salt more could be produced and distributed to those who would like to use world champion salt.

More information about the Argentinian – and other countries’ salt industries:


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